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Stream The Last Adventure Online

The Last Adventure

1967Feature Film


Two adventurers and best friends, Roland and Manu, are the victims of a practical joke that costs Manu his pilot's license. With seeming contrition, the jokesters tell Roland and Manu about... See full summary »

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Stream Alle meine Väter Online

Alle meine Väter

1998Feature Film


When Alice gets out of jail, her mother who just died left her an audio message. Twenty year ago, Alice's mother was in love with two men at the same time and got pregnant but never said it... See full summary »

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Stream Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen Online

Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen

2012Feature Film


A simple yet timeless love story between a man and a woman, told using scenes edited together from hundreds of other films.

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Stream Die schwarze Tulpe Online

Die schwarze Tulpe

1964Feature Film


In 1789, when the Revolution went on, a bandit named "Black Tulip" held the surroundings of village Roussillon in fear. The poor people respected him as Robin Hood, who declare himself a ... See full summary »

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Stream The Girl on a Motorcycle Online

The Girl on a Motorcycle

1968Feature Film


A married woman leaves her husband and zooms off on her motorcycle to see her lover.

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Stream Der Bulle und der Killer Online

Der Bulle und der Killer

1975Feature Film


This movie depicts the authentic story of the hunt for the dangerous criminal Emile Buisson, who escaped from prison in 1947. During three years Buisson manages to hide from detective ... See full summary »

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Stream Joy House Online

Joy House

1964Feature Film


French filmmaker Rene Clement presents Alain Delon as a petty criminal on the run from the underground. On the Rivera, he seeks refuge in a flophouse whose soup line is served by Jane Fonda... See full summary »

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Stream Blood on the Streets Online

Blood on the Streets

1974Feature Film


Marseille. Heaps of flowers and funeral wreaths... "A man who no longer defends his colors is no longer a man."

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Stream Swann in Love Online

Swann in Love

1984Feature Film


Elegant and educated bachelor, Charles Swann, moves in the most powerful and fashionable circles of Paris in the 1890's. When he falls in love with Odette de Crecy, a courtesan, his friends... See full summary »

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Stream Der Fall Serrano Online

Der Fall Serrano

1977Feature Film


One early morning deputy Philippe Dubaye wakes up his old friend Xavier Maréchal with disturbing news: he has just killed Serrano, a racketeer with extant political connections. Serrano ... See full summary »

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Stream Lost Command Online

Lost Command

1966Feature Film


French Army Colonel Raspeguy leads his paratroopers in battle against the Communist Viet Minh in Indochina and against Algerian guerrilla during the Algerian War.

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Stream Das Mädchen und der Mörder - Die Ermordung Trotzkis Online

Das Mädchen und der Mörder - Die Ermordung Trotzkis

1972Feature Film


After having been forced to leave the Soviet Union 1929 Trotsky has ended up in Mexico 1940. He is still busy with politics, promoting socialism to the world. Stalin has sent out an ... See full summary »

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Stream Rette deine Haut, Killer Online

Rette deine Haut, Killer

1981Feature Film


Victim of manipulation, Cop Choucas is wanted for two murders and searched for by every cop in town.

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Stream Indian Summer Online

Indian Summer

1972Feature Film


In Italy, the gambler and professor of poetry Daniele Dominici arrives in the seaside town of Rimini and is hired to teach for four months in the Liceu replacing another teacher. His ... See full summary »

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Stream Killer stellen sich nicht vor Online

Killer stellen sich nicht vor

1980Feature Film


A man is pursued by killers after helping someone at a car crash.

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Stream Texas Across the River Online

Texas Across the River

1966Feature Film


In 1845 Texas, a Louisiana belle is courted by a wanted Spanish nobleman and a Texas brawling gunrunner but her suitors' passionate duel is interrupted by the cavalry and a Comanche attack.

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Stream Nouvelle vague Online

Nouvelle vague

1990Feature Film


A man who very similar to a man who was drowning came to woman who let a man sinks, he States as brother and aware of the murder but they became lovers.

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Stream Der Sträfling und die Witwe Online

Der Sträfling und die Witwe

1971Feature Film


Her youth has been spent working for a farm family, being raped by father and son, marrying the son who has now left her a happy widow. She is happy because World War I is over and she is ... See full summary »

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Stream Millionenraub in San Francisco Online

Millionenraub in San Francisco

1965Feature Film


Eddie Pedak, a convicted criminal, has a steady job, a wife and daughter and he puts a down payment on a boat. He also has a police detective and brother after him, the first believes Eddie... See full summary »

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Stream No Way Out Online

No Way Out

1973Feature Film


A mob hitman wants to retire, but his bosses don't think that's a good idea. Complications--and many bloody shootouts-ensue.

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