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Stream Die Hölle von Algier Online

Die Hölle von Algier

1964Feature Film


Drama Thriller

1961. Luxemburger Thomas Vlassenroot deserted the French Foreign Legion during the Algiers Putsch. His lieutenant, Fraser, initiated the desertion for the two of them, Fraser believing he ... See full summary »

Alain Delon Lea Massari Georges Géret

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Die Gang

1977Feature Film


Crime Drama

In 1945, as World War Two comes to a close, five small time crooks unite to form a gang. After several bold robberies they become notorious as "the front-wheel drive gang". The police ... See full summary »

Alain Delon Laura Betti Xavier Depraz

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Flic Story

1972Feature Film


Comedy Crime

For a special mission to destroy drug dealers in Nice, hardcore bachelor inspector Campana has to don the role of a married man with a child. He adjusts himself well but will have to fight a lot before being able to achieve final victory.

Alain Delon Mireille Darc Michel Constantin

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Stream Le retour de Casanova Online

Le retour de Casanova

1992Feature Film


Comedy Drama Romance

After many years of rambling across Europe the aging Giacomo Casanova is impoverished. He wants to return to Venice but he doesn't dare going there directly, because he was a fugitive when he left.

Alain Delon Fabrice Luchini Elsa Lunghini

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Stream The Medic Online

The Medic

1979Feature Film


Drama War

The story is set in June 1983. Famous surgeon Jean-Marie Desprée was left by his wife 1 month ago and now he works in a modern movable hospital, where the 3rd world war is taking place.

Alain Delon Véronique Jannot Bernard Giraudeau

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Stream L'homme pressé Online

L'homme pressé

1977Feature Film



Pierre is an antique dealer living in our modern fast paced society. The rub is he tries to move even faster than the surrounding world. Alain Delon and Mireille Darc (Pierre's wife) starr

Alain Delon Mireille Darc Monica Guerritore

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Stream Creezy Online


1974Feature Film



Julien Dandieu, leader of the socialist political party PRU is asked to be part of the new conservative government as minister of foreign affairs...

Alain Delon Sydne Rome Jeanne Moreau

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Stream Armaguedon Online


1977Feature Film


Crime Thriller

After years of poverty, Carrier, a repairman, inherits a large sum of money upon his brother's death in an accident. Now rich, he decides it is time to make his mark and be known at any cost. Becoming more and more mentally unstable, he begins to threaten police and the government signing his tracts, "Armaguedon". A detective from Interpol heads the investigation and prepares a trap at an ... See full summary »

Alain Delon Jean Yanne Renato Salvatori

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Stream Boomerang Online


1976Feature Film


Crime Drama

Under the influence of drugs, a teenager, Eddy, kills a policeman. His father, Jacques, pleads extenuating circumstances and nearly succeeds in gaining the confidence of the policeman's widow. But the press reveals that Jacques is an ex-gangster who has spent time in prison.

Alain Delon Carla Gravina Dora Doll

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Stream Dancing Machine Online

Dancing Machine

1990Feature Film



Police Inspector Michel Eparvier investigates a crime tied to a dance class held by charismatic handicapped dance instructor Alan Wolf, who seems to be involved with some of his students, despite his disability.

Alain Delon Claude Brasseur Patrick Dupond

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Stream The Love Mates Online

The Love Mates

1970Feature Film



Julien and Agatha appear to be a great couple, loving, caring and seem to feel complete with each other. Though Julien often gives the impression of being interested in other girls, his ... See full summary »

Alain Delon Mireille Darc Jane Davenport

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Stream Le lion Online

Le lion

2003TV Movie


Action Adventure Drama

In Africa in the fifties, during the Mau-Mau war, young Patricia's friendship with a lion she raised for years.

Alain Delon Anouchka Delon Ornella Muti

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Stream One Husband Too Many Online

One Husband Too Many

2010TV Movie


Comedy Romance

The young editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine must divorce from her ex unbeknownst to her current beau, who just proposed to her.

Alain Delon Alexandre Varga Philippe Bas

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