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Stream Pierrot le Fou Online

Pierrot le Fou

1965Feature Film


Crime Drama Romance

Pierrot escapes his boring society and travels from Paris to the Mediterranean Sea with Marianne, a girl chased by hit-men from Algeria. They lead an unorthodox life, always on the run.

Jean-Paul Belmondo Anna Karina Graziella Galvani

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Stream My Life to Live Online

My Life to Live

1962Feature Film



Twelve episodic tales in the life of a Parisian woman and her slow descent into prostitution.

Anna Karina Sady Rebbot André S. Labarthe

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Stream Alphaville Online


1965Feature Film


Drama Mystery Sci-Fi

A U.S. secret agent is sent to the distant space city of Alphaville where he must find a missing person and free the city from its tyrannical ruler.

Eddie Constantine Anna Karina Akim Tamiroff

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Stream Band of Outsiders Online

Band of Outsiders

1964Feature Film


Comedy Crime Drama

Two crooks with a fondness for old Hollywood B-movies convince a languages student to help them commit a robbery.

Anna Karina Claude Brasseur Danièle Girard

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Stream A Woman Is a Woman Online

A Woman Is a Woman

1961Feature Film


Comedy Drama Romance

A French striptease artist is desperate to become a mother. When her reluctant boyfriend suggests his best friend to impregnate her, feelings become complicated when she accepts.

Anna Karina Jean-Claude Brialy Jean-Paul Belmondo

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Stream Le Petit Soldat Online

Le Petit Soldat

1963Feature Film


Drama War

During the Algerian War, a man and woman from opposing sides fall in love with one another.

Anna Karina Michel Subor Henri-Jacques Huet

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Stream Made in USA Online

Made in USA

1966Feature Film


Comedy Crime Mystery

Set in the near future, Paula, a leftist writer, goes from Paris to the French town of Atlantic-Cité when she learns of the death of a former colleague and lover, Richard P. Is she there to... See full summary »

Anna Karina László Szabó Jean-Pierre Léaud

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Stream Chinese Roulette Online

Chinese Roulette

1976Feature Film


Drama Thriller

Both the parents of a young teen who walks with crutches, goes on each their secret meeting with lovers, both surprising each other at the family's county home. The daughter arrives and initiates a guessing game of "Chinese roulette".

Anna Karina Margit Carstensen Brigitte Mira

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Stream Der Fremde Online

Der Fremde

1967Feature Film



In an atmosphere of political tension when the French still control Algiers, an Algerian is killed on the beach and a French man who has lived in Algiers all his life is arrested for the ... See full summary »

Marcello Mastroianni Anna Karina Bernard Blier

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Stream The Magus Online

The Magus

1968Feature Film


Drama Fantasy Mystery

A teacher on a Greek island becomes involved in bizarre mind-games with the island's magus (magician) and a beautiful young woman.

Anthony Quinn Michael Caine Candice Bergen

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Stream Bread and Chocolate Online

Bread and Chocolate

1974Feature Film


Comedy Drama

Italian immigrant Nino steadfastly tries to become a member of Swiss Society no matter how awful his situation becomes.

Nino Manfredi Anna Karina Paolo Turco

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Stream The Nun Online

The Nun

1966Feature Film



In eighteenth-century France a girl (Suzanne Simonin) is forced against her will to take vows as a nun...

Anna Karina Liselotte Pulver Micheline Presle

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Stream Circle of Love Online

Circle of Love

1964Feature Film


Drama History

In Paris during the summer of 1914 a succession of brief liaisons begins and ends with a soldier and a tart, but on the way moves humourously and sometimes poignantly through a fascinating panorama of society and of attitudes to love.

Jane Fonda Anna Karina Jean-Claude Brialy

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Stream Appointment in Bray Online

Appointment in Bray

1971Feature Film


Drama Music War

In 1917, the First World War is raging. Julien is from Luxemburg, so instead of having to go to war he studies piano in Paris. One day his friend Jacques, also a musician and now a fighter ... See full summary »

Anna Karina Mathieu Carrière Roger Van Hool

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Stream Anna Online


1967TV Movie


Comedy Musical Romance

Released in 1967, this was the first colour film made for French TV. The story is about a man obsessively looking for a woman he saw in a photograph.

Anna Karina Jean-Claude Brialy Marianne Faithfull

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Stream The Camp Followers Online

The Camp Followers

1965Feature Film


Drama War

In WWII, Lieut. Martino and his men are assigned to lead a group of prostitutes through the mountainous ways to serve in brothels for Italian soldiers in Albania.

Mario Adorf Anna Karina Marie Laforêt

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Stream Morel's Invention Online

Morel's Invention

1976Feature Film



A castaway arrives on an island. He thinks it's uninhabited, but he sees a palace with also a hidden room. Soon he sees some people walking, dressed with old-fashioned clothes. He is afraid because people don't see him, like a ghost.

Giulio Brogi Anna Karina John Steiner

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Stream The Salzburg Connection Online

The Salzburg Connection

1972Feature Film


Crime Drama Mystery

A list of agents and collaborators, hidden by the Nazis in an Austrian lake in 1945, is sought after by various interested parties during the Cold War.

Barry Newman Anna Karina Klaus Maria Brandauer

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Stream Before Winter Comes Online

Before Winter Comes

1969Feature Film


Comedy Drama War

After World War II, in an Austrian camp for displaced people, an interpreter mediates between the British and the Soviets regarding the fate of various refugees.

David Niven Topol Anna Karina

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Stream Chloé Online


1996TV Movie


Drama Romance

After a violent dispute with her mother, sixteen-years old Chloé ends up in the streets with nowhere to go. Then she finds Jean-Michel, a charming young man who will lead her to prostitution.

Anna Karina Marion Cotillard Jean-Claude Adelin

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Stream Treasure Island Online

Treasure Island

1985Feature Film


Adventure Fantasy

Raoul Ruiz's surrealistic modern-day riff on Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel.

Vic Tayback Martin Landau Anna Karina

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Stream Tonight or Never Online

Tonight or Never

1961Feature Film


Comedy Drama

Laurent is theatrical director, his girl Valerie an aspiring actress. Their relationship begins to fracture when Valerie doesn't get the role in Laurent's play.

Anna Karina Claude Rich Georges Descrières

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Stream Michael Kohlhaas - Der Rebell Online

Michael Kohlhaas - Der Rebell

1969Feature Film



It's medieval times. Kohlhaas merchants with horses. When going to the local fair to sell his horses...

David Warner Anna Karina Thomas Holtzmann

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Stream The Time to Die Online

The Time to Die

1970Feature Film


Crime Sci-Fi Thriller

A woman witnesses a video taped murder and is marked for elimination by the killer.

Anna Karina Bruno Cremer Jean Rochefort

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