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Stream Lolita Online


1997Feature Film


Drama Romance

A man marries his landlady so he can take advantage of her daughter.

Jeremy Irons Dominique Swain Melanie Griffith

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Stream Pumpkin Online


2002Feature Film


Comedy Drama Romance

A sorority girl finds her life falling apart after she develops romantic feelings for a mentally-challenged man.

Christina Ricci Hank Harris Brenda Blethyn

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Stream New Best Friend Online

New Best Friend

2002Feature Film


Drama Mystery Thriller

A North Carolina sheriff investigates the near-fatal drug overdose of an underachieving college girl, and uncovers many sordid details of her life before and during her descent into drugs and debauchery.

Taye Diggs Dominique Swain Mia Kirshner

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Stream Tart Online


2001Feature Film


Crime Drama Romance

After her only friend is expelled from their private school in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Cat Storm wants to get close to a boy she is attracted to and recreate herself with new ... See full summary »

Dominique Swain Brad Renfro Bijou Phillips

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Stream The Smokers Online

The Smokers

2000Feature Film


Drama Thriller

Three rebellious teenage girls decide to even the score in the battle of the sexes.

Dominique Swain Busy Philipps Keri Lynn Pratt

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Stream Girl Online


1998Feature Film


Comedy Drama Music

A straight-A teen explores Portland's rock scene.

Dominique Swain Sean Patrick Flanery Summer Phoenix

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Stream Happy Campers Online

Happy Campers

2001Feature Film



When a summer camp director gets injured, the diverse group of college freshmen counselors take charge and spice up the everyday routine of the camp.

Brad Renfro Dominique Swain Keram Malicki-Sánchez

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Stream The Girl from the Naked Eye Online

The Girl from the Naked Eye

2012Feature Film


Action Crime Mystery

When Sandy, a call girl at "The Naked Eye", ends up dead, her friend and only ally in the world, Jake, goes on a manhunt to find out who killed her.

Jason Yee Samantha Streets Ron Yuan

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Stream Totally Awesome Online

Totally Awesome

2006TV Movie



A spoof of typical 1980's teen movies. The idea is that VH1 found a "long-lost", never-released teen film made in the 1980's and decided to air it now in 2006; thus it is loaded with the ... See full summary »

Mikey Day Dominique Swain Chris Kattan

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Stream Skin Traffik Online

Skin Traffik

2015Feature Film


Action Adventure Comedy

A hitman embarks on a quest to save a young girl from the clutches of the brutal gangsters who trade human beings as currency.

Mickey Rourke Daryl Hannah Dominique Swain

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Stream Road to Nowhere Online

Road to Nowhere

2010Feature Film


Romance Thriller

A young filmmaker gets wrapped up in a crime while shooting his new project on location.

Tygh Runyan Dominique Swain Shannyn Sossamon

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Stream The Freediver Online

The Freediver

2004Feature Film


Action Adventure

Action Adventure - based on a true story. Freediver Danai Varveri's epic struggle to become champion of the world.

Alki David Adam Baldwin Camilla Rutherford

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Stream The Black Room Online

The Black Room

2017Feature Film


Comedy Horror

PAUL and JENNIFER HEMDALE have just moved into their dream house. But their happy marriage is about to be put to the test as they slowly discover the secret behind the black room in the ... See full summary »

Natasha Henstridge Lukas Hassel Lin Shaye

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Stream Briar Patch Online

Briar Patch

2003Feature Film


Drama Romance Thriller

A woman becomes immersed in a brutal love triangle when an unwelcomed admirer kills her abusive husband even though she's already having an affair.

Dominique Swain Henry Thomas Arie Verveen

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Stream All In Online

All In

2006Feature Film


Comedy Drama

Six medical students with unique talents pool their resources to win the World Series of Poker.

Dominique Swain Michael Madsen Louis Gossett Jr.

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Stream The Job Online

The Job

2003Feature Film


Action Crime Drama

CJ is a sexy, cold-blooded assassin who wants to quit the business. She agrees to carry out one last hit, but for the first time in her career as an assassin, she is unable to finish the job.

Daryl Hannah Brad Renfro Dominique Swain

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Stream Fall Down Dead Online

Fall Down Dead

2007Feature Film


Horror Thriller

In a big American city, the serial killer The Picasso Killer is terrorizing the dwellers and the police department does not have lead to find him. The bartender Christie Wallace dreams on ... See full summary »

Dominique Swain Mehmet Günsür Udo Kier

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Stream Blue Dream Online

Blue Dream

2013Feature Film



A film critic loses himself into an immoral wasteland and does bad things to people.

James Duval Dominique Swain Kayden Kross

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Stream 6 Ways to Die Online

6 Ways to Die

2015Feature Film


Action Crime Mystery

Mystery man John Doe wants 6 things taken from the top North American narcotics distributor Sunny "Sundown" Garcia: his freedom, his love, his reputation, his most valuable possession, his money and his life.

Vinnie Jones Vivica A. Fox Dominique Swain

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Stream Dead in the Water Online

Dead in the Water

2002Feature Film


Crime Thriller

With the guilt of a young man's death on their hands, three friends see their relationship disintegrate as each vies for survival by trying to kill one another.

Henry Thomas Dominique Swain Scott Bairstow

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Stream Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre Online

Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre

2015TV Movie


Action Horror Sci-Fi

When a fracking environmental accident rips apart the earth's crust, the resulting hole lets out prehistoric sharks from underground. The sharks target a group of women and trap them in a cabin.

Dominique Swain Traci Lords Christine Nguyen

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Stream Der Fremde Online

Der Fremde

2004Feature Film


Crime Drama

When a young drifter is forced to stay the winter in a small seaside town, he inadvertently becomes the catalyst for deceit, double crossings and murder amongst the locals.

Dennis Hopper Gina Gershon Jordan Frieda

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Stream Intern Online


2000Feature Film



A young, underappreciated intern at the ultra-hip magazine Skirt must learn to deal with kissy-face phoniness, model tantrums and bulimic editors, while trying to steal the heart of a ... See full summary »

Dominique Swain Ben Pullen Peggy Lipton

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Stream The Fast and the Fierce Online

The Fast and the Fierce

2017Feature Film


Action Thriller

When terrorists plant a bomb on a commercial flight, the passengers aboard the plane must fight to keep the plane in the air and all the passengers alive: the bomb is rigged to detonate whenever the plane dips below 800 feet.

Adrian Paul Dominique Swain Moose Ali Khan

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Stream The Mourning Online

The Mourning

2015Feature Film


Drama Mystery Thriller

20 years after going MIA in Desert Storm, Aaron returns home under mysterious conditions, not having aged since his disappearance, and must reestablish relationships with loved ones before ... See full summary »

Michael Rene Walton Louis Mandylor Dominique Swain

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