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Stream The Intouchables Online

The Intouchables

2011Feature Film


After he becomes a quadriplegic from a paragliding accident, an aristocrat hires a young man from the projects to be his caregiver.

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Stream Tell No One Online

Tell No One

2006Feature Film


After eight long years since his beloved wife's hideous murder, unexpectedly, an accidental discovery of two bodies near a Doctor's estate will stir things again in a long-forgotten buried case that nothing is as it appears.

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Stream Kleine wahre Lügen Online

Kleine wahre Lügen

2010Feature Film


A near-fatal accident leaves one friend in the hospital while the rest go on their annual vacation. But their secrets and personal grief threaten to drive them apart.

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Stream A Monster in Paris Online

A Monster in Paris

2011Feature Film


A 3D-animated movie set in Paris in the year 1910 and centered on a monster who lives in a garden and his love for a beautiful, young singer.

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Stream Der Vater meiner besten Freundin Online

Der Vater meiner besten Freundin

2015Feature Film


Two friends bring their daughters with them on a beach vacation and find themselves in an awkward situation. A remake of the 1977 film "Un moment d'égarement".

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Stream The Horseman on the Roof Online

The Horseman on the Roof

1995Feature Film


In a time of war and disease, a young officer gallantly tries to help a young woman find her husband.

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Stream 'Round Midnight Online

'Round Midnight

1986Feature Film


A troubled, but talented musician flees the US to escape his problems, finding refuge and support in Paris.

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Stream L'Enfer Online


1994Feature Film


Paul, an irritable and stressed-out hotel manager, begins to gradually develop paranoid delusions about his wife's infidelity. As he succumbs to green-eyed jealousy, his life starts to ... See full summary »

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Stream Story of Women Online

Story of Women

1988Feature Film


Marie Latour, a woman of limited schooling, raises two children in a ratty flat during World War II in occupied France. In 1941, her husband Paul returns from German captivity, too weak to ... See full summary »

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Stream Ein perfektes Leben Online

Ein perfektes Leben

2002Feature Film


When a man murders his wife, children and parents, the ensuing investigation reveals that he's been living a lie for almost 20 years.

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Stream Ein Augenblick Liebe Online

Ein Augenblick Liebe

2014Feature Film


A family man's encounter with a beautiful woman develops into a mutual fascination.

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Stream Chocolat - Verbotene Sehnsucht Online

Chocolat - Verbotene Sehnsucht

1988Feature Film


A young French woman returns to the vast silence of West Africa to contemplate her childhood days in a colonial outpost in Cameroon. Her strongest memories are of the family's houseboy, ... See full summary »

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Stream Too Beautiful for You Online

Too Beautiful for You

1989Feature Film


A car dealer, well-to-do and with a beautiful wife, finds himself attracted to his rather plain new temporary secretary. Despite her own commitments she feels the same and the two soon ... See full summary »

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Stream Der Landarzt von Chaussy Online

Der Landarzt von Chaussy

2016Feature Film


After a doctor is diagnosed with cancer, a new doctor joins him to help him treat his rural patients.

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Stream In the Beginning Online

In the Beginning

2009Feature Film


France, present day. A professional conman passes himself off as the boss of a construction site building a highway extension. He cons the whole region, hires dozens of workers and ... See full summary »

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Stream 11.6 Online


2013Feature Film


Toni Musulin has worked as a security guard on an armored truck for 10 years. One day, with 11.6 million Euros on board, he drives off without his two colleagues, committing the "heist of ... See full summary »

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Stream Zwischen den Wellen Online

Zwischen den Wellen

2013Feature Film


It tells the story of Yann Kermadec whose dreams suddenly come true when he has to replace the DCNS star skipper at the last minute before the start of the Vendée Globe (a round-the-world ... See full summary »

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Stream The Swindle Online

The Swindle

1997Feature Film


Betty and Victor are a pair of scam artists. One day Betty brings in Maurice, a treasurer of a multinational company. Maurice is due to transfer 5 millions francs out of Switzerland, and ... See full summary »

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Stream Olivier, Olivier Online

Olivier, Olivier

1992Feature Film


A nine-year-old boy disappears without a trace. Six years later, he reappears in Paris but there are doubts about his real identity.

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Stream Late August, Early September Online

Late August, Early September

1998Feature Film


A story about the transition from late youth to early maturity, the film follows several friends and lovers as they come to make decisions on how to live their lives--getting a job more in ... See full summary »

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