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Stream Breathless Online


1960Feature Film


Crime Drama Romance

A small-time thief steals a car and impulsively murders a motorcycle policeman. Wanted by the authorities, he reunites with a hip American journalism student and attempts to persuade her to run away with him to Italy.

Jean-Paul Belmondo Jean Seberg Daniel Boulanger

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Stream Pierrot le Fou Online

Pierrot le Fou

1965Feature Film


Crime Drama Romance

Pierrot escapes his boring society and travels from Paris to the Mediterranean Sea with Marianne, a girl chased by hit-men from Algeria. They lead an unorthodox life, always on the run.

Jean-Paul Belmondo Anna Karina Graziella Galvani

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Stream A Woman Is a Woman Online

A Woman Is a Woman

1961Feature Film


Comedy Drama Romance

A French striptease artist is desperate to become a mother. When her reluctant boyfriend suggests his best friend to impregnate her, feelings become complicated when she accepts.

Anna Karina Jean-Claude Brialy Jean-Paul Belmondo

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Stream The Professional Online

The Professional

1981Feature Film


Action Crime Drama

Victim of a plot which has resulted in his imprisonment in a Central African jail for two years, a French secret agent arrives in Paris to settle accounts.

Jean-Paul Belmondo Jean Desailly Cyrielle Clair

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Stream Two Women Online

Two Women

1960Feature Film


Drama War

In the Italy of WWII, a widow and her lonely daughter seek for distance between them and the horrors of war.

Sophia Loren Jean-Paul Belmondo Raf Vallone

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Stream Le Doulos Online

Le Doulos

1963Feature Film


Crime Thriller

A burglar betraying other criminals, prepares for a big heist with a trusted friend that might be as untrustworthy as he.

Jean-Paul Belmondo Serge Reggiani Jean Desailly

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Stream Mississippi Mermaid Online

Mississippi Mermaid

1969Feature Film


Crime Drama Romance

A wealthy plantation owner is captivated by a mysterious woman with a shady past.

Catherine Deneuve Jean-Paul Belmondo Nelly Borgeaud

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Stream The Man from Acapulco Online

The Man from Acapulco

1973Feature Film


Action Comedy Fantasy

Francois Merlin is an espionnage-book writer. He likes to mix every-day character he can met in his book. In his book, he is Bob Saint Clar, his neighbour Christine appears as Tatiana and ... See full summary »

Jean-Paul Belmondo Jacqueline Bisset Vittorio Caprioli

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Stream That Man from Rio Online

That Man from Rio

1964Feature Film


Action Adventure Comedy

A young man comes to the rescue of his girlfriend abducted by thieves and brought to Rio. An extravagant adventure ensues.

Jean-Paul Belmondo Françoise Dorléac Jean Servais

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Stream Les Misérables Online

Les Misérables

1995Feature Film


Drama History

A variation on Victor Hugo's classic novel by means of the story of a man whose life is affected by and somewhat duplicated by the Hugo story of the beleaguered Jean Valjean.

Jean-Paul Belmondo Michel Boujenah Alessandra Martines

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Stream Brennt Paris? Online

Brennt Paris?

1966Feature Film


Drama History War

The departure of the German Army from Paris in 1944.

Jean-Paul Belmondo Charles Boyer Leslie Caron

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Stream The Brain Online

The Brain

1969Feature Film


Comedy Crime

When NATO transfers some of its funds from Paris to Brussels by train, a criminal mastermind posing as a British colonel plans to steal it but two petty French thieves also have the same intent.

Jean-Paul Belmondo Bourvil David Niven

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Stream Léon Morin, Priest Online

Léon Morin, Priest

1961Feature Film


Drama Romance

Set during occupied France, a faithless woman finds herself falling in love with a young priest.

Jean-Paul Belmondo Emmanuelle Riva Irène Tunc

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Stream Borsalino Online


1970Feature Film


Crime Drama

During the 1930s, in Marseilles, France, two small time crooks work for local crime bosses until they decide to go into business for themselves.

Jean-Paul Belmondo Alain Delon Catherine Rouvel

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Stream Classe Tous Risques Online

Classe Tous Risques

1960Feature Film


Crime Drama Romance

Abel Davis is a criminal, hunted in Italy. The police are closing in, so he and his pal Raymond arrange to flee back to France with Abel's wife, Thérèse, and their two young sons. Abel and ... See full summary »

Lino Ventura Sandra Milo Jean-Paul Belmondo

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Stream Ace of Aces Online

Ace of Aces

1982Feature Film


Adventure Comedy Sport

In 1936, a French boxer on his way to the Berlin Olympic Games befriends a local Jewish boy and decides to save him from the Nazis.

Jean-Paul Belmondo Marie-France Pisier Rachid Ferrache

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Stream The Night Caller Online

The Night Caller

1975Feature Film


Action Drama Thriller

Commissaire Letellier and Inspector Moissac are tracking Minos, a serial killer whose victims are women.

Jean-Paul Belmondo Charles Denner Adalberto Maria Merli

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Stream Alle meine Väter Online

Alle meine Väter

1998Feature Film


Action Adventure Comedy

When Alice gets out of jail, her mother who just died left her an audio message. Twenty year ago, Alice's mother was in love with two men at the same time and got pregnant but never said it... See full summary »

Jean-Paul Belmondo Alain Delon Vanessa Paradis

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Stream Der Boss Online

Der Boss

1985Feature Film


Comedy Crime

Dressed as a clown, the clever rascal Grimm holds up the most secure bank of Montreal and takes 30 hostages. While confusing and ridiculing the police with his strange behavior, he calmly ... See full summary »

Jean-Paul Belmondo Kim Cattrall Guy Marchand

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Stream Der Außenseiter Online

Der Außenseiter

1983Feature Film


Action Crime Drama

The story is about Commissioner Jordan who arrives in Marseille to combat drug trafficking activities in his own unique way.

Jean-Paul Belmondo Henry Silva Carlos Sotto Mayor

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Stream Animal Online


1977Feature Film


Action Comedy Romance

The funny misadventures of a dating duo of film stunt professionals in France.

Jean-Paul Belmondo Raquel Welch Dany Saval

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Stream Swords of Blood Online

Swords of Blood

1962Feature Film


Action Adventure Comedy

In the 18th century, Louis de Bourguignon is working with the Malichot's gang, but their ways are too 'unethical' for him. He creates his own band, acting under the name of Cartouche, ... See full summary »

Jean-Paul Belmondo Claudia Cardinale Jess Hahn

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Stream Happy Easter Online

Happy Easter

1984Feature Film



Industrial tycoon Stéphane Margelle is an incorrigible lady's man. Caught by his wife Sophie in company of a charming young lady, Julie, he rushes to introduce the young woman as his ... See full summary »

Jean-Paul Belmondo Sophie Marceau Marie Laforêt

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Stream Der Löwe Online

Der Löwe

1988Feature Film


Adventure Comedy Drama

A successful entrepreneur in his fifties will decide to abandon his loved ones and the empire he has built, just to find the liberty he has been seeking, not knowing that the itinerary of one's life often changes in the funniest of ways.

Jean-Paul Belmondo Richard Anconina Lio

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Stream Der Windhund Online

Der Windhund

1979Feature Film


Action Comedy Crime

Commissaire Stanislas Borowitz is going undercover as gangster Antonio Cerutti in order to expose corrupted policemen.

Jean-Paul Belmondo Georges Géret Jean-François Balmer

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