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Stream The 400 Blows Online

The 400 Blows

1959Feature Film


A young boy, left without attention, delves into a life of petty crime.

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Stream Day for Night Online

Day for Night

1973Feature Film


A committed film director struggles to complete his movie while coping with a myriad of crises, personal and professional, among the cast and crew.

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Stream Masculin Féminin Online

Masculin Féminin

1966Feature Film


A romance between young Parisians, shown through a series of vignettes.

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Stream Stolen Kisses Online

Stolen Kisses

1968Feature Film


After being discharged from the army, Antoine Doinel centers a screwball comedy where he applies for different jobs and tries to make sense of his relationships with women.

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Stream Bed & Board Online

Bed & Board

1970Feature Film


Some time after "Baisers Volés", Antoine Doinel (Jean-Pierre Léaud) and Christine Darbon (Claude Jade) are married and Antoine works dying flowers, and Christine is pregnant and gives ... See full summary »

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Stream Love on the Run Online

Love on the Run

1979Feature Film


Antoine Doinel is now more than thirty. He divorces from Christine. He is a proofreader, and is in love with Sabine, a record seller. Colette, his teenager love, is now a lawyer. She buys ... See full summary »

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Stream I Hired a Contract Killer Online

I Hired a Contract Killer

1990Feature Film


After fifteen years' service, Henri Boulanger is made redundant from his job. Shocked, he attempts suicide, but can't go through with it, so he hires a contract killer in a seedy bar to ... See full summary »

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Stream La Chinoise Online

La Chinoise

1967Feature Film


A small group of French students are studying Mao, trying to find out their position in the world and how to change the world to a Maoistic community using terrorism.

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Stream Irma Vep Online

Irma Vep

1996Feature Film


A Chinese movie actress, in France to star in a remake of "Les Vampires", finds petty intrigues and clashing egos on the set.

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Stream The Mother and the Whore Online

The Mother and the Whore

1973Feature Film


The chauvinist Alexandre balances relationships with several women, including the maternal Marie and the sexually liberated Veronika, in the post-1968 intellectual scene of Paris.

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Stream Two English Girls Online

Two English Girls

1971Feature Film


At the beginning of the 20th century, Claude Roc, a young middle-class Frenchman meets in Paris Ann Brown, a young Englishwoman. They become friends and Ann invites him to spend holidays at... See full summary »

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Stream Made in USA Online

Made in USA

1966Feature Film


In the near future, leftist writer Paula goes from Paris to the French town of Atlantic-Cité when she learns of the death of a former colleague and lover, Richard P. Is she there to ... See full summary »

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Stream Porcile Online


1969Feature Film


Two dramatic stories. In an undetermined past, a young cannibal (who killed his own father) is condemned to be torn to pieces by some wild beasts. In the second story, Julian, the young son... See full summary »

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Stream The Pornographer Online

The Pornographer

2001Feature Film


Jacques Laurent made pornographic films in the 1970s and '80s, but had put that aside for 20 years. His artistic ideas, born of the '60s counter-culture, had elevated the entire genre. ... See full summary »

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Stream Love at Twenty Online

Love at Twenty

1962Feature Film


"Love at Twenty" unites five directors from around the world to present their different perspectives on what love really is at the age of 20. The episodes are united with the score of ... See full summary »

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Stream The Death of Louis XIV Online

The Death of Louis XIV

2016Feature Film


Upon returning from a hunting expedition, King Louis XIV feels a sharp pain in his leg. He begins to die, surrounded by loyal followers in the royal chambers.

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Stream Detective Online


1985Feature Film


In a palace of Paris. Two detectives are investigating a two-year-old murder. Emile and Francoise Chenal are putting pressure on Jim Fox Warner, a boxing manager, who owes them a huge ... See full summary »

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Stream 36 fillette Online

36 fillette

1988Feature Film


A night in the life of a young woman who wishes to learn and experience more of life. The men she meets have as much to learn from her as they can offer her, or more.

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Stream Face Online


2009Feature Film


Hsiao-Kang, a Taiwanese film director, travels to the Louvre in Paris, France, to shoot a film that explores the Salomé myth.

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Stream Joy of Learning Online

Joy of Learning

1969Feature Film


How do we learn? What do we know? Night after night, not long before dawn, two young adults, Patricia and Emile...

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