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Stream The Big Lebowski Online

The Big Lebowski

1998Feature Film


"The Dude" Lebowski, mistaken for a millionaire Lebowski, seeks restitution for his ruined rug and enlists his bowling buddies to help get it.

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Stream Crazy, Stupid, Love. Online

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

2011Feature Film


A middle-aged husband's life changes dramatically when his wife asks him for a divorce. He seeks to rediscover his manhood with the help of a newfound friend, Jacob, learning to pick up girls at bars.

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Stream Children of Men Online

Children of Men

2006Feature Film


In 2027, in a chaotic world in which women have become somehow infertile, a former activist agrees to help transport a miraculously pregnant woman to a sanctuary at sea.

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Stream The Lost World: Jurassic Park Online

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

1997Feature Film


A research team is sent to the Jurassic Park Site B island to study the dinosaurs there while another team approaches with another agenda.

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Stream Magnolia Online


1999Feature Film


An epic mosaic of interrelated characters in search of love, forgiveness, and meaning in the San Fernando Valley.

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Stream The Fugitive Online

The Fugitive

1993Feature Film


Dr. Richard Kimble, unjustly accused of murdering his wife, must find the real killer while being the target of a nationwide manhunt lead by a seasoned US Marshall.

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Stream Hannibal Online


2001Feature Film


Living in exile, Hannibal Lecter tries to reconnect with now disgraced F.B.I. Agent Clarice Starling, and finds himself a target for revenge from a powerful victim.

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Stream Non-Stop Online


2014Feature Film


An air marshal springs into action during a transatlantic flight after receiving a series of text messages demanding $150 million into an off-shore account, or someone will die every 20 minutes.

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Stream Boogie Nights Online

Boogie Nights

1997Feature Film


The story of a young man's adventures in the Californian pornography industry of the late 1970s and early 1980s.

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Stream Don Jon Online

Don Jon

2013Feature Film


A New Jersey guy dedicated to his family, friends, and church, develops unrealistic expectations from watching porn and works to find happiness and intimacy with his potential true love.

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Stream Next Online


2007Feature Film


A Las Vegas magician who can see into the future is pursued by FBI agents seeking to use his abilities to prevent a nuclear terrorist attack.

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Stream Carrie Online


2013Feature Film


A shy girl, outcasted by her peers and sheltered by her religious mother, unleashes telekinetic terror on her small town after being pushed too far at her senior prom.

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Stream The Kids Are All Right Online

The Kids Are All Right

2010Feature Film


Two children conceived by artificial insemination bring their biological father into their non-traditional family life.

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Stream The Hours Online

The Hours

2002Feature Film


The story of how the novel "Mrs. Dalloway" affects three generations of women, all of whom, in one way or another, have had to deal with suicide in their lives.

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Stream Evolution Online


2001Feature Film


A fire-fighting cadet, two college professors, and a geeky but sexy government scientist work against an alien organism that has been rapidly evolving since its arrival on Earth inside a meteor.

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Stream Still Alice Online

Still Alice

2014Feature Film


A linguistics professor and her family find their bonds tested when she is diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease.

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Stream A Single Man Online

A Single Man

2009Feature Film


An English professor, one year after the sudden death of his boyfriend, is unable to cope with his typical days in 1960s Los Angeles.

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Stream Assassins Online


1995Feature Film


Professional hit-man Robert Rath wants to fulfill a few more contracts before retiring but unscrupulous ambitious newcomer hit-man Miguel Bain keeps killing Rath's targets.

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Stream Die Stadt der Blinden Online

Die Stadt der Blinden

2008Feature Film


A city is ravaged by an epidemic of instant white blindness.

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Stream Seventh Son Online

Seventh Son

2014Feature Film


When Mother Malkin, the queen of evil witches, escapes the pit she was imprisoned in by professional monster hunter Spook decades ago and kills his apprentice, he recruits young Tom, the seventh son of the seventh son, to help him.

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