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Stream Fistful of Dollars Online

Fistful of Dollars

1964Feature Film


Action Drama Western

A wandering gunfighter plays two rival families against each other in a town torn apart by greed, pride, and revenge.

Clint Eastwood Gian Maria Volontè Marianne Koch

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Stream The Devil's General Online

The Devil's General

1955Feature Film


Drama War

1941, the Third Reich seems to be winning the war. Luftwaffe (air force) general Harry Harras enjoys the good life as highly respected technician and Berlin ministry/ HQ official. However ... See full summary »

Curd Jürgens Marianne Koch Viktor de Kowa

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Stream Frozen Alive Online

Frozen Alive

1964Feature Film


Drama Mystery Sci-Fi

A scientist experimenting with suspended animation decides to use himself as a test subject. Before he is frozen, his wife is killed, and he is suspected of her murder.

Mark Stevens Marianne Koch Wolfgang Lukschy

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Stream Interlude Online


1957Feature Film


Drama Romance

The story of a young woman, Helen Banning, who travels to Munich in search of life experience and romance. While working for America House, she meets a famous symphony conductor, Tonio ... See full summary »

June Allyson Rossano Brazzi Marianne Koch

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Stream Spotlight on a Murderer Online

Spotlight on a Murderer

1961Feature Film


Drama Mystery

When he learns his days are numbered old count Hervé de Kéraudren decides to hide in a secret alcove and to die there, just to annoy his heirs. As a result of his body not being found the ... See full summary »

Pierre Brasseur Pascale Audret Marianne Koch

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Stream Ludwig II: Glanz und Ende eines Königs Online

Ludwig II: Glanz und Ende eines Königs

1955Feature Film


Biography Drama History

King Ludwig II of Bavaria is frustrated, having to accept parliament's will to join Bismarck, rather he his cultured Habsburg friends, in wars. His love-life being as fruitless, he seeks ... See full summary »

O.W. Fischer Marianne Koch Paul Bildt

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Stream Sanders Online


1963Feature Film



A British colonial policeman in Africa investigates a murder in a hospital up river.

Richard Todd Marianne Koch Albert Lieven

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Stream Der Stern von Afrika Online

Der Stern von Afrika

1957Feature Film


Drama War

Biographic Movie of the German fighter ace, who was killed in a plane crash after over 150 kills in North Africa.

Joachim Hansen Marianne Koch Hansjörg Felmy

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Stream Coast of Skeletons Online

Coast of Skeletons

1965Feature Film


Adventure Drama

Harry Sanders returns to England after losing his job as a police inspector in West Africa. However, he soon returns to the continent to investigate the offshore diamond operation of a shady American tycoon.

Richard Todd Dale Robertson Heinz Drache

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Stream The Unnaturals Online

The Unnaturals

1969Feature Film


Crime Thriller

The characters engage in a séance at a mansion while a storm rages outside. During their stay, the film uses an extensive flashback structure to reveal the various criminal acts that each have perpetrated.

Joachim Fuchsberger Marianne Koch Helga Anders

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Stream Das Ungeheuer von London-City Online

Das Ungeheuer von London-City

1964Feature Film


Crime Horror

Then the spirit of Jack the Ripper seems to be very much alive in 1960s London as a series of brutal slayings by the Monster of London City has Scotland Yard baffled. In a macabre ... See full summary »

Hansjörg Felmy Marianne Koch Dietmar Schönherr

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Stream Einer spielt falsch Online

Einer spielt falsch

1965Feature Film



Audie plays a James Bond-type action hero assigned to destroy a weapons factory run by fugitive Nazi George Sanders .

Audie Murphy George Sanders Marianne Koch

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Stream The Last Ride to Santa Cruz Online

The Last Ride to Santa Cruz

1964Feature Film



A former sheriff begins to persecute the gang led by Pedro Ortiz, after his wife is taken away.

Edmund Purdom Mario Adorf Marianne Koch

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Stream Die Landärztin vom Tegernsee Online

Die Landärztin vom Tegernsee

1958Feature Film



German village gets a new doctor, but the conservative folk have trouble accepting a female for the job.

Marianne Koch Rudolf Prack Margarete Haagen

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Stream Who Killed Johnny R.? Online

Who Killed Johnny R.?

1966Feature Film



An assumed-dead gangster wants to implicate a completely innocent man to pay for his crimes s he can give the slip to his avengers and persecutors.

Lex Barker Joachim Fuchsberger Marianne Koch

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Stream Clint the Stranger Online

Clint the Stranger

1967Feature Film



Clint Harrison is a gunslinger that has been running from vengeful foes for years. He returns to the town he abandoned years earlier to find his family has moved away to get away from his ... See full summary »

George Martin Marianne Koch Gerhard Riedmann

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Stream The Devil's Agent Online

The Devil's Agent

1962Feature Film


Drama Mystery

In East Germany, a double agent falls for a beautiful young escapee from Hungary.

Peter van Eyck Macdonald Carey Marianne Koch

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Stream Sandy the Seal Online

Sandy the Seal

1968Feature Film



When a lighthouse keeper takes in a seal in need and gives to his children to look after, the whole family is drawn into the shadowy world of illegal seal poaching. The family then finds ... See full summary »

Heinz Drache Marianne Koch David Richards

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Stream Der Klosterjäger Online

Der Klosterjäger

1953Feature Film


Drama History

Haymo, the huntsman of a Bavarian monastery, falls in love with Gittli and convinces the provost to make his steward consider a delay on her brother Wolrath's feudal due arrears. Because ... See full summary »

Erich Auer Marianne Koch Paul Hartmann

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Stream Hubertus Castle Online

Hubertus Castle

1954Feature Film



The count Egge is barely a visitor in his Alpine family castle Hubertus, being preoccupied with hunting...

Friedrich Domin Marianne Koch Heinz Baumann

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