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Stream Purple Noon Online

Purple Noon

1960Feature Film


Crime Drama Thriller

Tom Ripley is a talented mimic, moocher, forger and all-around criminal improviser; but there's more to Tom Ripley than even he can guess.

Alain Delon Maurice Ronet Marie Laforêt

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Stream Happy Easter Online

Happy Easter

1984Feature Film



Industrial tycoon Stéphane Margelle is an incorrigible lady's man. Caught by his wife Sophie in company of a charming young lady, Julie, he rushes to introduce the young woman as his ... See full summary »

Jean-Paul Belmondo Sophie Marceau Marie Laforêt

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Stream Tykho Moon Online

Tykho Moon

1996Feature Film



The McBee family has erected a government over a future 'colony', that looks like a run-down Paris divided into sectors by the Berlin Wall. All male family members suffer from a mysterious ... See full summary »

Julie Delpy Johan Leysen Michel Piccoli

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Stream Tangos, the Exile of Gardel Online

Tangos, the Exile of Gardel

1985Feature Film


Drama Musical

Some Argentinians, exiled in Paris, decide to put on a tango-ballet, dedicated to Carlos Gardel, a legendary Argentinian tango star.

Marie Laforêt Philippe Léotard Miguel Ángel Solá

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Stream The Camp Followers Online

The Camp Followers

1965Feature Film


Drama War

In WWII, Lieut. Martino and his men are assigned to lead a group of prostitutes through the mountainous ways to serve in brothels for Italian soldiers in Albania.

Mario Adorf Anna Karina Marie Laforêt

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Stream Blue Panther Online

Blue Panther

1965Feature Film


Action Crime Thriller

Marie-Chantal travels by train to her cousin's place to spend a winter holiday, when a stranger - apparently a fugitive from someone aboard - entrusts her with a jewel in the shape of a ... See full summary »

Marie Laforêt Francisco Rabal Serge Reggiani

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Stream Zwei halbe Helden Online

Zwei halbe Helden

1987Feature Film


Comedy War

A bombing raid makes travelling companions of a blind man, Fernand, and Antoine, a criminal. Fernand is a virgin and is depending on his new friend to find him a woman. But to Antoine, on the run, his fellow victim is more a burden than a boon.

Thierry Lhermitte Jean Yanne Marie Laforêt

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Stream Because, Because of a Woman Online

Because, Because of a Woman

1963Feature Film


Comedy Crime

A young man is a collector of feminine conquests. One morning, leaving one of his mistresses he is addressed by one of his past flirts. As revenge, she denounces him later to the police as ... See full summary »

Jacques Charrier Mylène Demongeot Juliette Mayniel

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Stream Tom Thumb Online

Tom Thumb

1972Feature Film


Family Fantasy

Classic fairy-tale story about Tom Thumb against Giant. Parents are poor and want to leave Tom Thumb in forest. But Tom Thumb is clever and marks his way by stones. Second time he is ... See full summary »

Marie Laforêt Jean-Pierre Marielle Jean-Luc Bideau

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Stream Gramps Is a Great Guy! Online

Gramps Is a Great Guy!

1987Feature Film



A 10-year old boy causes havoc in his grandfather's already chaotic life, when he appears on his doorstep during a break from boarding school.

Guy Bedos Marie Laforêt Fabien Chombart

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Stream Le pactole Online

Le pactole

1985Feature Film



Yves and Anne are a happy couple with a child.They live a quiet life until the day when ..

Richard Bohringer Patrick Sébastien Marie Laforêt

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Stream Rat Trap Online

Rat Trap

1963Feature Film



In Paraguay, the filming place of this production, the film had two alternative titles "Rata de Amèrica" and "Alborada"

Charles Aznavour Marie Laforêt Franco Fabrizi

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Dark Journey

1962Feature Film



The story of a married man, Paul Gueret, who finds himself drawn to a young laundry worker, Angele. However, when he finds out she is also his employer's mistress, in a furious rage he might do things he'll regret in the future.

Louis Jourdan Lilli Palmer Marie Laforêt

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