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Stream Hercules Online


1983Feature Film


Adventure Fantasy

The story of the Greek mythological figure, updated in this 80's version.

Lou Ferrigno Brad Harris Sybil Danning

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Stream Ulysses Online


1954Feature Film


Adventure Fantasy History

A movie adaptation of Homer's second epic, that talks about Ulysses' efforts to return to his home after the end of ten years of war.

Kirk Douglas Silvana Mangano Anthony Quinn

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Stream Helen of Troy Online

Helen of Troy

1956Feature Film


Adventure Drama History

The Iliad's story of the Trojan war, told from the Trojan viewpoint.

Stanley Baker Rossana Podestà Brigitte Bardot

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Stream Sodom and Gomorrah Online

Sodom and Gomorrah

1962Feature Film


Adventure Drama History

Sex, torture and betrayal in Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah. Lot, leader of the Hebrews, believes his people can co-exist with the Sodomites, a disastrous decision.

Stewart Granger Pier Angeli Stanley Baker

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Stream Horror Castle Online

Horror Castle

1963Feature Film



Women are being tortured to death with various torture devices in the dungeon of an old castle by a deformed, hooded, holocaust survivor.

Rossana Podestà Georges Rivière Christopher Lee

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Stream 7 goldene Männer Online

7 goldene Männer

1965Feature Film



One of the best intrigue/caper movies ever made! Delightful is the perfect word to describe this film that is full of sci-fi gimmicks, plot twists, slick and not-so-slick criminals, and gorgeous dames. Podesta is a 100% bonafide KNOCKOUT!

Rossana Podestà Philippe Leroy Gastone Moschin

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Stream The Golden Arrow Online

The Golden Arrow

1962Feature Film


Adventure Fantasy

Genies help a bandit recover a golden arrow, which will show that he is the heir to the sultan's kingdom.

Tab Hunter Rossana Podestà Umberto Melnati

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Stream Santiago Online


1956Feature Film



A gun runner, dishonorably discharged from the military, is swept deeper into a revolution in Cuba when he crosses paths with an enemy from the past and a beautiful revolutionary and her son.

Alan Ladd Rossana Podestà Lloyd Nolan

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Stream Homo Eroticus Online

Homo Eroticus

1971Feature Film



Michele is a three-testicle, sexually insatiable man who goes around bedding all women in town (regardless of age), until one day things goes terribly wrong.

Rossana Podestà Lando Buzzanca Luciano Salce

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Stream Das Superding der sieben goldenen Männer Online

Das Superding der sieben goldenen Männer

1966Feature Film


Adventure Comedy

The Professor (Leroy) and his men are captured by U.S. agents during an attempted train robbery. To avoid jail, they must kidnap a Latin dictator. The film is filled with cool sci-fi ... See full summary »

Philippe Leroy Rossana Podestà Gastone Moschin

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Stream The Sensuous Sicilian Online

The Sensuous Sicilian

1973Feature Film


Comedy Drama

From his youth, Paolo Castorini, a Sicilian baron, is as attracted to women as they to him. Giovanna, a servant girl, Lillian, a serious girlfriend in Rome, a hostess at a post-war party, ... See full summary »

Giancarlo Giannini Rossana Podestà Gastone Moschin

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Stream Raw Wind in Eden Online

Raw Wind in Eden

1958Feature Film


Adventure Crime Drama

On a small Mediterranean island live Costanza, her father Urbano, and beachcomber Moore, whom she plans to marry. Into this Eden come two plane crash survivors, supermodel Laura and her ... See full summary »

Esther Williams Jeff Chandler Rossana Podestà

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Stream Slave of Rome Online

Slave of Rome

1961Feature Film


Adventure History War

At the time of Caesar's conquest of Gaul, a Roman tribune falls in-love with the daughter of a Gallic chieftain during a dangerous mission.

Rossana Podestà Guy Madison Mario Petri

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Stream La spada e la croce Online

La spada e la croce

1958Feature Film



Set against the magnificent backdrop of classic Rome, "The Sword and the Cross" is the story of a notorious harlot who must choose between her lascivious lifestyle and the love and affection of her decent-minded brother.

Yvonne De Carlo Jorge Mistral Rossana Podestà

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Stream Alone Against Rome Online

Alone Against Rome

1962Feature Film


Action Adventure Drama

A Roman Consul, on his way to fight a border war, stations a garrison of soldiers in a provincial town. The townspeople aren't happy with this situation but decide it's in their best ... See full summary »

Lang Jeffries Rossana Podestà Philippe Leroy

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Stream A Glass of Whiskey Online

A Glass of Whiskey

1959Feature Film



Víctor is a handsome boy, skeptical and lover of the pleasures of life. He has no job or benefit and lives on women without realizing that his behavior triggers dramas and disappointments, pain and hopelessness.

Rossana Podestà Arturo Fernández Carlos Larrañaga

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Stream The Seven Dwarfs to the Rescue Online

The Seven Dwarfs to the Rescue

1951Feature Film


Comedy Family Fantasy

Having been warned in dreams that Snow White is in danger, the Seven Dwarfs set out to rescue the princess from the evil Prince of Darkness.

Rossana Podestà Roberto Risso Georges Marchal

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