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Stream Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence Online

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

1983Feature Film


Drama War

During WWII, a British colonel tries to bridge the cultural divides between a British POW and the Japanese camp commander in order to avoid bloodshed.

David Bowie Tom Conti Ryuichi Sakamoto

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Stream Shirley Valentine Online

Shirley Valentine

1989Feature Film


Comedy Drama Romance

Shirley's a middle-aged Liverpool housewife, who finds herself talking to the wall while she prepares her husband's chip'n'egg, wondering what happened to her life. She compares scenes in ... See full summary »

Pauline Collins Tom Conti Julia McKenzie

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Stream The Quick and the Dead Online

The Quick and the Dead

1987TV Movie



A mysterious stranger rides into a homesteading family's life when they are attacked by a ruthless gang.

Sam Elliott Tom Conti Kate Capshaw

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Stream The Haunting of Julia Online

The Haunting of Julia

1977Feature Film


Drama Horror Mystery

After the death of her daughter, Julia Lofting, a wealthy housewife, moves to London to re-start her life. All seems well until she is haunted by the sadness of losing her own child and the ghosts of other children.

Mia Farrow Keir Dullea Tom Conti

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Stream American Dreamer Online

American Dreamer

1984Feature Film


Comedy Crime Romance

Frustrated housewife/writer Cathy Palmer ghostwrites a story about Rebecca Ryan, a dashing international spy, and wins a trip to Paris. While there, she is involved in an accident, and ... See full summary »

JoBeth Williams Tom Conti Giancarlo Giannini

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Stream Beyond Therapy Online

Beyond Therapy

1987Feature Film



This is an insane and fast-paced romantic comedy about a bizarre dinner date among Bruce (Goldblum) and Prudence (Hagerty), and their lunatic therapists, and Bruce's jealous, gun-wielding ... See full summary »

Julie Hagerty Jeff Goldblum Glenda Jackson

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Stream Reuben, Reuben Online

Reuben, Reuben

1983Feature Film


Comedy Drama Romance

A drunken Scottish poet, who has not written a word in years, feels compelled to regain control of his life and work after meeting a beautiful young woman.

Tom Conti Kelly McGillis Roberts Blossom

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Stream Someone Else's America Online

Someone Else's America

1995Feature Film


Comedy Drama

This tale take place in a bar. The Spanish Alonso and his blind mother run this place. Bay, who is Alonso's friend live here too...

Tom Conti Predrag 'Miki' Manojlovic María Casares

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Stream Miracles - Ein ganz unglaubliches Abenteuer Online

Miracles - Ein ganz unglaubliches Abenteuer

1986Feature Film



Roger and Jean learn the hard way that when you are meant to be together, nothing can keep you apart. The newly divorced couple keep running into one another (literally), and in the process... See full summary »

Tom Conti Teri Garr Paul Rodriguez

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Stream Saving Grace Online

Saving Grace

1986Feature Film


Comedy Drama

A young pope who feels he has lost touch with the people accidentally locks himself out of the Vatican and believes it is part of God's plan for him.

Tom Conti Fernando Rey Erland Josephson

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Stream Blind Revenge Online

Blind Revenge

2009Feature Film



Sir Paul, a distinguished author, blinded in a horrific accident, advertises for an amanuensis, an assistant to help him with his writing. He employs the amiable Jane Ryder to be his eyes ... See full summary »

Tom Conti Daryl Hannah Miriam Margolyes

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Stream The Gospel According to Vic Online

The Gospel According to Vic

1986Feature Film


Comedy Drama

Vic Mathews teaches a remedial class at the Blessed Edith Semple School in Scotland. Some at the school...

Tom Conti Helen Mirren David Hayman

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Stream Basements Online


1987TV Movie


Crime Drama Mystery

Adaptations of two early plays, The Room and The Dumb Waiter, by Noble Prize-winning, English playwright Harold Pinter. The first revolves around paranoiac woman trapped in her apartment. The other is about two small-time crooks waiting.

John Travolta Tom Conti Linda Hunt

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Stream Blade on the Feather Online

Blade on the Feather

1980TV Movie



A reclusive, elderly author is visited by a young admirer...but both men are more than they claim to be.

Kika Markham Phoebe Nicholls Donald Pleasence

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Stream Something to Believe In Online

Something to Believe In

1998Feature Film



An American woman given only weeks to live travels to Italy to find a statue reputed to have recuperative powers and there meets a struggling American concert pianist.

William McNamara Maria Pitillo Tom Conti

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Stream The Wall Online

The Wall

1982TV Movie


Action Drama War

A dramatic re-enactment of the Warsaw Ghetto Jewish uprising in April 1943 were 650 armed members of the Jewish Fighting Organization of Poland held off a 3,000 strong Nazi force in which ... See full summary »

Tom Conti Lisa Eichhorn Gerald Hiken

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Stream Voices Within: The Lives of Truddi Chase Online

Voices Within: The Lives of Truddi Chase

1990TV Movie



A woman who suffers from multiple personality disorder is found during therapy to have suffered child abuse in this fact-based story.

Shelley Long Tom Conti Tiffany Ballenger

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Stream City Slacker Online

City Slacker

2012Feature Film



Amanda is a corporate highflier who needs a slacker so she can have a baby and keep her career.

Fiona Gillies Tom Conti Geoffrey Streatfeild

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Stream Roman Holiday Online

Roman Holiday

1987TV Movie


Comedy Drama Romance

Remake of the 1953 original. Princess Elysa is touring Rome, and decides to get 'out and about' away from her normal life. She meets with an American reporter and his photographer, who show... See full summary »

Catherine Oxenberg Tom Conti Ed Begley Jr.

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Stream Paid Online


2006Feature Film


Crime Romance Thriller

Paid is a film noir in the tradition of the French gangster movie. It is a story about underworld characters that have come to regret the choices they have made and now secretly long for a ... See full summary »

Anne Charrier Murilo Benício Tom Conti

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Stream Nazi Hunter: The Beate Klarsfeld Story Online

Nazi Hunter: The Beate Klarsfeld Story

1986TV Movie



Farrah Fawcett plays real-life Beate Klarsfeld, a German Protestant housewife who, with the help of her Jewish law-student husband...

Farrah Fawcett Tom Conti Geraldine Page

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Stream That Summer of White Roses Online

That Summer of White Roses

1989Feature Film


Drama War

In the summer of 1944, in a peaceful resort town in the Nazi-occupied Yugoslavia, an easy-going lifeguard takes in a widow of a partisan and her young son. Their relationship grows until he unknowingly saves a Nazi officer from drowning.

Tom Conti Susan George Nitzan Sharron

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Stream Rekindle Online


2011Feature Film



Phil's misadventure to reconnect with his first girlfriend from school lead to an interaction with her father the DR that he didn't bargain for.

Tom Conti Daniela Denby-Ashe Isabel Fay

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Deeply Irresponsible

2007Feature Film



An uptight family finds their home life upended by the arrival of their free-spirited grandfather.

Tanner Berney Larry Joe Campbell Tom Conti

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