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Stream Jeremiah Johnson Online

Jeremiah Johnson

1972Feature Film


Adventure Drama Western

A mountain man who wishes to live the life of a hermit becomes the unwilling object of a long vendetta by Indians, and proves to be a match for their warriors in one-on-one combat on the early frontier.

Robert Redford Will Geer Delle Bolton

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Stream Salt of the Earth Online

Salt of the Earth

1954Feature Film


Drama History

Mexican workers at a Zinc mine call a general strike. It is only through the solidarity of the workers, and importantly the indomitable resolve of their wives, mothers and daughters, that they eventually triumph.

Juan Chacón Rosaura Revueltas Will Geer

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Stream Executive Action Online

Executive Action

1973Feature Film


Crime Drama History

Rogue intelligence agents, right-wing politicians, greedy capitalists, and free-lance assassins plot and carry out the JFK assassination in this speculative agitprop.

Burt Lancaster Robert Ryan Will Geer

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Stream Napoleon and Samantha Online

Napoleon and Samantha

1972Feature Film


Adventure Drama

Two young children, who, rather than part with an old pet lion who was once a circus performer, go on a perilous mountain trek to stay with a recluse friend.

Michael Douglas Jodie Foster Johnny Whitaker

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Stream To Please a Lady Online

To Please a Lady

1950Feature Film


Action Romance Sport

A former war hero and midget car racer meets his match in a feisty reporter who blames his reckless tactics for an accidental racing death.

Clark Gable Barbara Stanwyck Adolphe Menjou

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Stream Brother John Online

Brother John

1971Feature Film


Drama Sci-Fi

A man who returns to his hometown for a funeral may have a much larger purpose in life than those around him can see.

Sidney Poitier Will Geer Bradford Dillman

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Stream Comanche Territory Online

Comanche Territory

1950Feature Film


Adventure Romance Western

White settlers plan to defy the agreement between the government and the Comanche in order to mine for silver on Comanche lands, while scout Jim Bowie tries to keep the peace in the territory.

Maureen O'Hara Macdonald Carey Will Geer

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Stream The Mafu Cage Online

The Mafu Cage

1978Feature Film


Drama Horror Thriller

Ellen has been taking care of her insane younger sister Cissy ever since their explorer father died. When Cissy's pet ape dies in their mansion's dungeon and Ellen finds a boyfriend, Cissy's incestuous desire for her sister turns deadly.

Lee Grant Carol Kane Will Geer

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Stream Johnny Allegro Online

Johnny Allegro

1949Feature Film


Crime Drama Film Noir

Treasury Department officials recruit a florist (Raft) to lead them to a wanted criminal (Macready); but once he gets too close, he finds he's the hunted.

George Raft Nina Foch George Macready

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Stream The Hanged Man Online

The Hanged Man

1974TV Movie



A gunfighter who survives his own hanging helps a young widow who is trying to keep a ruthless land baron from taking her ranch.

Steve Forrest Dean Jagger Will Geer

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Stream Pieces of Dreams Online

Pieces of Dreams

1970Feature Film



Gregory Lind is the junior priest at Our Lady of the Assumption, a Catholic parish in Albuquerque, New Mexico...

Robert Forster Lauren Hutton Will Geer

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Stream Dear Dead Delilah Online

Dear Dead Delilah

1972Feature Film



The matriarch of a family living in an old Southern mansion finds that a killer is loose in the house, searching for a $50,000 fortune rumored to be hidden there, and murdering anyone getting in the way.

Agnes Moorehead Will Geer Michael Ansara

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Stream Double Crossbones Online

Double Crossbones

1951Feature Film


Adventure Comedy History

After being falsely accused of dishonesty, a young man decides to become a pirate.

Donald O'Connor Helena Carter Will Geer

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Stream Savage Online


1973TV Movie


Drama Thriller

A TV reporter investigates compromising photographs of a nominee to the Supreme Court.

Martin Landau Barbara Bain Will Geer

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Stream It's a Small World Online

It's a Small World

1950Feature Film



Harry Musk is one in a million. Adult, pint-sized Harry longs to be part of the big world.

Paul Dale Lorraine Miller Will Geer

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Stream The Manchu Eagle Murder Caper Mystery Online

The Manchu Eagle Murder Caper Mystery

1975Feature Film


Comedy Crime Mystery

A chicken hatchery owner (and novice private eye) tries to solve the arrow murder of local milkman, philanderer and animal fetishist.

Gabriel Dell Will Geer Anjanette Comer

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Stream Honky Tonk Online

Honky Tonk

1974TV Movie


Comedy Romance Western

Two young con-artists ply their trade in the boom towns of the Old West.

Richard Crenna John Dehner Will Geer

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Stream The Fight for Life Online

The Fight for Life

1940Feature Film


Drama History

An interne witnesses the death of a young mother in a maternity hospital delivery room. Disturbed that he might have overlooked something that could have prevented the death, he goes to a ... See full summary »

Myron McCormick Storrs Haynes Will Geer

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Stream Silence Online


1974Feature Film


Drama Family

Barbara and Al adopt Eric, who is deaf and mute, and take him camping in Santa Cruz Mountains of California. Eric becomes lost and is found by a hermit named Crazy Jack, who teaches him how to survive in the woods.

Will Geer Ellen Geer Richard Kelton

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The Rowdyman

1972Feature Film



A man who refuses to grow up and take responsibility has his world crash down on him when his friends suffer as a result of his antics.

Gordon Pinsent Frank Converse Will Geer

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Who Killed the Mysterious Mr. Foster?

1971TV Movie



An alcoholic drifter decides to run for sheriff in a small town. However, in order to get elected, he must find out who killed a visiting preacher.

Ernest Borgnine Stephen R. Hudis Judy Geeson

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