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Stream Inuyasha Online


2000TV Show


Action Adventure Animation

A teenage girl periodically travels back in time to feudal Japan to help a young half demon recover the shards of a jewel of great power.

Kappei Yamaguchi Richard Ian Cox Satsuki Yukino

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Stream Ranma ½ Online

Ranma ½

1989TV Show


Action Animation Comedy

A girl is involuntarily engaged to a boy who turns female when hit with cold water and male when hit with hot.

Kappei Yamaguchi Megumi Hayashibara Noriko Hidaka

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Stream Record of the Lodoss War Online

Record of the Lodoss War

1990TV Show


Action Adventure Animation

A group of medieval adventurers must participate in a war against dark forces in the land of Lodoss.

Takeshi Kusao Yumi Tôma Kappei Yamaguchi

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Stream InuYasha: The Final Act Online

InuYasha: The Final Act

2009TV Show


Action Animation Fantasy

InuYasha's story draws to a close but not before finding Naraku and the Sacred Jewel, and facing new enemies and new dangers.

Kappei Yamaguchi Satsuki Yukino Kumiko Watanabe

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Stream One Outs Online

One Outs

2008TV Show


Animation Drama Sport

Hiromichi Kojima, the star batter of the Lycaons, heads to the southern Japanese island of Okinawa to train and find a new pitcher for the team. There, he meets Toa Tokuchi, a 134-kmph ... See full summary »

Masato Hagiwara Tsutomu Isobe Kenji Utsumi

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Stream The Law of Ueki Online

The Law of Ueki

2005TV Show


Action Adventure Animation

A young student named Kousuke Ueki gets chosen to battle in a tournament. Kousuke has the power to turn garbage into trees and will fight against other students.

Kappei Yamaguchi Romi Pak Sôichirô Hoshi

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Stream Magic Kaito 1412 Online

Magic Kaito 1412

2014TV Show


Adventure Animation Comedy

High school student Kaito loves magic. His father was a genius magician with a secret identity as the Phantom Thief Kid. Unfortunately his father died in an unforeseen accident in a magic ... See full summary »

Mao Ichimichi Kappei Yamaguchi Unshô Ishizuka

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Stream Descending Stories: Shôwa Genroku rakugo shinjû Online

Descending Stories: Shôwa Genroku rakugo shinjû

2017TV Show


Animation Drama

Ex-convict turned Rakugo apprentice Yotarou has finally taken the name of Yurakutei Sukeroku III, and with his master Yakumo's permission has attained the lofty rank of shin'uchi. He ... See full summary »

Akira Ishida Yu Kobayashi Tomokazu Seki

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Stream Betterman Online


1999TV Show


Action Animation Horror

A deadly virus known as has attacked humanity with vicious meaning. At the forefront of the battle is the mystifying Akamatsu Industries - disguised as a heavy machine factory in Tokyo, ... See full summary »

Kappei Yamaguchi Kyôko Hikami Junko Iwao

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Stream Rizelmine Online


2002TV Show


Animation Comedy Romance

A teenage boy with an interest in older women is forced by the government to marry a genetic experiment with the body of a 12 year old girl.

Rie Kugimiya Kappei Yamaguchi Hajime Iijima

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Stream Ghastly Prince Enma Burning Up Online

Ghastly Prince Enma Burning Up

2011TV Show


Action Animation Comedy

In 1970's Japan demons are attacking the human world, Prince Enma and the Demon Patrol are sent from Hell to stop them.

Kappei Yamaguchi Mamiko Noto Takehito Koyasu

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