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Stream The Last Man on Earth Online

The Last Man on Earth

1964Feature Film


Horror Sci-Fi

When a disease turns all of humanity into the living dead, the last man on earth becomes a reluctant vampire hunter.

Vincent Price Franca Bettoia Emma Danieli

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Stream The Spy Who Loved Flowers Online

The Spy Who Loved Flowers

1966Feature Film


Action Sci-Fi

After retrieving an electronic device that can shut off the power of entire cities, secret agent SuperSeven is assigned to eliminate the only 3 remaining persons who have knowledge of the device.

Roger Browne Emma Danieli Daniele Vargas

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Stream The Devil's Cavaliers Online

The Devil's Cavaliers

1959Feature Film


Adventure Drama

Captain Richard and a small band of soldiers return home to France to discover the country ruled by horrible nobility.

Frank Latimore Emma Danieli Gianna Maria Canale

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Stream Guns of the Black Witch Online

Guns of the Black Witch

1961Feature Film



In the 17th century, a village was the refuge of several French buccaneers. One day, the Spanish under the command of Guzmán, attacked the village and killed everybody, adults and children ... See full summary »

Don Megowan Silvana Pampanini Emma Danieli

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